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Google AI Can Create Its Own Encryption

Google has shown that artificial intelligence has the ability to create its own cryptography standard—a step in the right direction in automating encryption.

In an academic paper, the internet behemoth’s Google Brain team details the creation of three neural networks (Alice, Bob and Eve). The team assigned them individual tasks: Alice was asked to send encrypted messages to Bob, who then was tasked with decrypting them. Eve played the role of the hacker, and was asked to crack the messages without possessing the key.

“When you consider that humans are consistently the weakest point in a security chain, there’s both financial and operational value in automating encryption between systems,” Jacob Ginsberg, senior director of Echoworx, told Infosecurity. “It has the potential to dramatically increase security. It’ll be interesting to see how this technology develops over the next few years and what the adoption levels among businesses will be.”

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