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FBI Director Wants a Serious Encryption Chat

FBI DIRECTOR James Comey is expecting technology companies to wake up and finally listen to his demand for changes to encryption that would essentially make his job easier and the technology security landscape more baggy.

Comey is not a fan of technology companies and their habit of making a feature of encryption, and has often suggested that this is one of those situations when less is more.

Unfortunately for him, the technology firms think otherwise and would rather offer the protection to their customers.

But Comey has now had enough, and wants to have a proper, he reportedly said "adult", conversation about the problem.

Comey said at the 2016 Symantec Government Symposium that the industry is wrong and that encryption is a marketing ploy that values sales over anti-terrorism.

"If Comey is finding the rooms to be dark, I will point out that he's trying to look further into our houses than ever before. The amount of information contained in our digital footprint and on our devices is unprecedented," said Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at encryption company Echoworx.


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