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Breach of Dota 2 Gaming Forum Exposes 1.9 Million Accounts

Developers patched the software running the official online forum of online battle game Dota 2, after nearly 2 million accounts registered to the forum were stolen last July.

While players of Valve Corporation's online battle arena game Dota 2 were busy fighting each other for supremacy, a real-life adversary recently pulled off his own conquest, stealing 1,923,972 account records from the official Dota 2 forum's database.

Unfortunately, this yet again demonstrates that 'good enough' is not good enough when it comes to security. Data persists, so even if you've taken steps to protect that information, hackers may have the tools to negate these defenses six months, one year or three years down the line," said Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at email encryption software company Echoworx.


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